Feedburner: The Easiest Way To Manage A Digg Campaign

I hadn’t checked in to my account at feedburner.com for some time and imagine my surprise when I noticed a new feature that allows you to syndicate your Digg.com account’s activity (or alternately a frequent poster’s activity who you wish to bury). Under the ‘optimize’ tab there is a link splicer option. Link splicer allows you add your recently bookmarked sites from your del.icio.us, furl, bloglines, and Digg.com accounts.

feedburner’s digg.com extensions

All you need to do is add in the digg user’s account name who you wish to promote/bury and instantly you have a way to send daily email to your feed’s subscribers. Let the Ron Paul spam ensue.

Feel free to bury the articles I digg by subscribing to my feed

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