10 Political Sites That Violate Digg’s TOS

Digg.com’s inclusion of a politics section has given many political sites a springboard to attract a larger audience. For some of these groups the temptation to promote their political advocacy has proven too strong to stop them from violating Digg’s terms of service. The websites listed in this article appear to have crossed the line to varying degrees.

Article 3 Section 9 in Digg’s Terms of Service:

By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use the Services:

9. with the intention of artificially inflating or altering the ‘digg count’, blog count, comments, or any other Digg service, including by way of creating separate user accounts for the purpose of artificially altering Digg’s services; giving or receiving money or other remuneration in exchange for votes; or participating in any other organized effort that in any way artificially alters the results of Digg’s services.

  1. www.freecentury.com
  2. In an effort to make sure that Ron Paul has a permanent place in Digg’s recent front page articles for a long time to come, we are launching the 100,000 Diggs for Ron Paul campaign.

    The purpose is easily explained. We Ron Paul supporters want to get his message out to people who are not too familiar with him, and what he stands for. With the mainstream media ignoring the coming tsunami of Ron Paul support, many people might not hear about Dr. Paul until it is too late.

    Digg this article and have everyone you know Digg it too.

  3. Mises Institute

    I previously explained about Digg.com and how their recent addition of non-technology topics (e.g. Politics, Business & Finance) has opened an opportunity for pro-market/pro-liberty articles to get an airing at this very popular news site.

    Stories are “promoted” to the Digg.com front page by “digging” (voting) for a story. To coordinate efforts to promote free market and libertarian articles I have started a list of libertarian diggers. As I write this I already have 45 people on it. We have once again this morning been successful in promoting an article. In this case, today’s Mises.org Daily Article on inflation and the Fed. Head over to Digg and join the heated discussion about the article, (you will need to set up a free account).

    If you want to join our merry band of libertarian diggers, here are the details…

    E-mail me and send me your Digg Username (you login to Digg with this). I will add you to my list of Friends which is serving as our list of libertarian diggers.

  4. The Ron Paul Report

    4/16/07 Ron Paul Daily Digg

    Read and Digg these articles

  5. http://www.freetalklive.com/

    Digg FTL
    Digg.com is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. With your help, we can advance in their podcast rankings. Please click the button on the left to digg Free Talk Live. If you don’t have one, you will need to create a free account. Remember, you need to come back every two weeks and digg something else on the site like one of our episodes to continue locking in your digg for the podcast.
    digg.freetalklive.com -Direct link to the Free Talk Live page on digg.com news.freetalklive.com – Join the Free Market Diggers and help digg pro-Liberty articles on digg.com!

  6. Ron Paul Grass Roots Action


    This email message is a notification to let you know that
    a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the RonPaulGrassRootsAction

    File : /Digg tips
    Uploaded by : tangent4ronpaul
    Description : Using and networking on Digg for Ron Paul

    You can access this file at the URL

  7. No Governor Anywhere: FreeMarket, Libertarian Minded Blogging

    Ten ways to help Ron Paul online.

    We have to face it, the internet is currently the only place we can get the word out about Ron Paul.

    5. Digg.com: Go register at digg.com and do a search for Ron Paul. We have a double task here. First, read through the articles before you digg them. If you notice something posted twice, only digg the one that has the most so far, and bury the other. This way, people on digg won’t become burnt out by The Ron paul campaign. We can’t be called spammers if we only post one article about a certain topic, and if everyone is digging the same articles, the likelihood that story being on the front page, with the most exposure, increases.

  8. Armitage 2.0

    “Digg Ron Paul sites, stories, videos, and other links.”

  9. World Affairs Board

    For those who want to help make sure Dr. Paul’s message gets out…

    Here’s the most effective and easy way I know:

    – Visit Digg / News

    – Keyword search “Ron Paul”

    – Then “digg” every story that has the word Ron Paul in the headline.

    That’s it!

    This gets him additional attention; I’ve seen it work very well before. It’s already working for Dr. Paul.

    Usually there are around 25 Ron Paul stories on Digg every day. I Digg them about three times a day. What are your thoughts about this approach and about Ron Paul?

  10. Ron Paul Press Hub

    Sunday, May 13th, 2007

    Please digg the following article. If you don’t know what Digg is, read here

  11. disinter “digging up the truth”

    For a brief comparison of Hagel vs Paul votes, go here. Digg the comparison here.

    note: this is one of many articles intended to encourage diggers to promote Ron Paul


I found a few more:

Daily Paul

10 Ways to help Ron Paul Every Day Without Leaving Your Computer
Posted April 2nd, 2007 by manystrom

* Ron Paul

1. Go to digg.com and ‘digg’all of the stories about Ron Paul (also ‘digg’ stories about him on other sites such as www.RonPaul2008.com and LewRockwell.com etc by simply clicking the ‘digg’ button that is on most stories now). Making positive comment on those stories is a big help too. Also see reddit.com


Explains to readers how to resubmit a Ron Paul article by adding a # anchor to the end of the url.

Other sites of interest:


15 thoughts on “10 Political Sites That Violate Digg’s TOS

  1. I don’t understand… how is asking people to sign up on digg and digg stories “artificial” … they’re real people… digging actual stories.. they’re not using bots… what’s the problem? your story has a digg badge under it encouraging people to digg it.. where is the line? Any time anyone mentions digg in their popular blog or adds a link to a digg story somewhere… or even emails a link to a couple friends, they’re violating the TOS in your interpretation, I don’t think that’s what the digg folks had in mind.

  2. I think the point is that asking people to digg your submission is one thing, but making a coordinated effort to track and manipulate digg submissions is pushing the limits.

  3. I think the anti-ronpaul forces are reacting to this perceived “attack” and keeping many stories buried… and effectively working to maintain the status quo and stifle the flow of information, which for the most part is interesting and informative (to some more than others).. The RonPaulies won’t be the last group to do this… and I’m sure they’re not the first.. probably just the most successful. Maybe digg could provide some keyword filters for folks who are really offended by the use of digg as a tool for activism…. but It’s not like they’re selling viagra…

    We can agree to disagree I suppose…

  4. Anti-Ron Paul forces? Yes, this must be a giant Prison Planet, Alex Jones conspiracy by the people who secretly control the government to hold the righteous man down! /sarcasm. I used to be a registered libertarian. I have no ax to grind with Ron Paul. Just abide by the TOS of the site and it’s a non-issue.

  5. There is no conspiracy… there are just people so “offended” by the ron paul activism that they spend all day “reverse spamming” the same articles.. leave comments “spam! buried!” and post articles about how ron paul is ruining the internet. You could look at this, like you have, as an aweful violation of the TOS… or you could look at it as an amazing movement that may change the way we do politics forever in this country. We can look at this like it’s a couple rabid spammers making digg suck for people “who care”… or we can look at it as the place where our grandchildren will look back and say “this was the election when the MSM became marginalized in deciding our president and true democracy took hold.”… I’m sure many will say I’m being dramatic… and this changes nothing… but maybe, instead of worrying about some silly TOS we could back up a step and look at the bigger picture and see how the internet is changing America and it’s political system for the better…

  6. I don’t doubt for a second that people are uniting to rid digg of the Ron Paul spam bots. When a vocal minority tries to subvert the natural promotion of stories to the front page, wouldn’t you expect a backlash?

  7. It’s clear we can’t agree on this issue… you see spam.. I see activism, and a new age of politics. You see a small group of drones mindlessly digging articles… I see a grassroots movement of people passionate about a new kind of political candidate.

  8. The guy has been blacked out in the mainstream media, I can understand why they’re so passionate to get his message out.

    You must also understand that many of diggs fans are also Paul supporters and why not? A “seemingly” uncensored site and a candidate who promotes freedom; its a match made in heaven.

    Don’t go “youtube” on us digg….

  9. There are ways to win fans and ways to lose fans. Spamming a site makes you lose me as a fan. As far as digg being uncensored don’t kid yourself, there have ALWAYS been moderators.

    I might also take exception to your use of the term “blacked out”. With as little popular support as he had before the massive online push by his supporters, he just hadn’t risen to the level required for anyone to take notice. That is not censorship, its just the media putting their business needs first and addressing the majority of its viewership’s needs as opposed to a vocal minority’s.

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