Challenge #1: Grow my Twitterverse

I’m posting a series of challenges to myself in an effort to build my personal brand. My first challenge is to grow my twitter followers to 100,000 users.

I should mention that I started off with 5,300 – not a total barren wasteland.

Luckily twitter provides everyone with a $100 credit to try out their ads platform. With my background in pay per click this seemed like a logical first step. 


I ended up spending $105 and picking up 4,400 followers.

My background is in search engine marketing and I tend to tweet about AdWords and display advertising quite a bit so I geared my targeting towards them. My ad read


“Love AdWords? I hate it. Follow me to find out why”

Not exactly poetry.

Then I targeted followers of AdWords and Google Analytics. Remember, the broader you go with your targeting, the cheaper your CPA. My main focus isn’t engagement so much as vanity stats, so I went broad, targeting @adwords, @googleanalytics and a bunch of others in my targeted vertical. Interestingly, Rand Fishkin’s followers were the cheapest to acquire, er had the highest follow rate.


Ended up with a CPA of $0.02 with 4,426 new followers on a spend of $105.72 . Probably could have gotten it down to $0.01 with a little more work. Next update will be on some scripting attempts. Call me an idiot in the comments.

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