Swivel: Data 2.0 vs Digg Users

While checking out Ruby on Rails this week I came across a cool website @ swivel.com. I am an econ buff and the ways in which you can compare data are both amazing and easy, enabling me to waste several hours that I should have been working. After perusing the usual high correlationzero causation I grabbed a fresh copy of Chris Finke’s compiled data on the top 1000 users at Digg, conveniently formatted in CSV for easy upload to swivel. There were some interesting results. I noticed some users I’d never heard of that had dugg quite a few stories and another that had submitted over 5,000 stories only to have 7 hit the front page. The perseverance award goes to rodtrent.

Of course it should come as no surprise that the most popular digg user remains Kevin Rose.

Profile Views by Username

A few other items of interest for digg users can be found here and here. Overall I think swivel is a great tool. My one complaint is that there is no way to make datasets private (and selectively shareable). If you could I would definitely use it for work.