Why You Get So Much Chinese Blogspam

If you’re anything like me you have 10,000 spam comments in your spam moderation queue. Every once in a while I check whats going on there. Maybe its the fact that my girlfriend lives 2,000 miles away or maybe I should just own up to the truth that I have no life. Either way you can’t tell me you haven’t seen your share of “Buy WoW Gold” in blog comments somewhere. Most blog authoring systems like wordpress and blogger automatically add the nofollow tag to urls in comments by default, making them useless right? Wrong.


Baidu.com, which has 60%+ market share of all searches in China doesn’t recognize the nofollow attribute that Google invented years back to combat blogspam. Baidu treats every link the same – No relevancy issues, no PageRank, no reason not to run wild with automated link building.