No, Sarah Jessica Parker Is Not Getting Deleted From OFA Emails

Lots of people are linking to an article on noting that some fundraising emails from the Obama campaign are “deleting” mention of Sarah Jessica Parker. The piece on the New York Observer points in turn to a site set up by propublica that shows several variants of an email marketing campaign. So far they have collected 7 different variants.

This is nothing new. Marketers have been split testing email marketing messages since email’s inception. As much as I’d love to poke fun at Sarah Jessica Parker, there is simply nothing sinister going on – and the messages prominently featuring SJP may in fact be the best performing variants. In fact, if they are using a “OneMulti Armed Bandit” approach to split testing the fact that the emails mentioning SJP have been spotted by propublica more frequently than the other variants *may* show her mails are performing better. Of course the sample size in this case is of extremely limited value.