Jiwa Music

I’ve signed up for just about every music site that exists over the last couple of years and been disappointed with all of them. I’ve ditched allofmp3.com (who I hear might be coming online again soon) for pandora, for last.fm and most recently Last.fm in favor of JiwaMusic. (My malaysian friends tell me Jiwa means soul) To me the decision was obvious; Jiwa lets you stream full length songs on demand through your browser, Last.fm doesn’t. In addition, jiwa lets users create playlists and then embed a widget in their blog, myspace, or whatever pre-loaded with those songs to share with your friends and site visitors. Here is mine:

trip hop

Please don’t laugh at my taste in music.

I still advocate using songbird to download, but JiwaMusic has a lot of nice functionality. Now if someone would build a script so you could search for songs to stream from Jiwa through songbird I would be in music heaven.